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    New York - U.S.A.
    130 Church Street #309
    New York, NY 10007
    Tel: +1-(646)-452-8416

    3rd Floor
    House 20 Queen Street
    London W1X,
    7PJ, England

    Tel: +44 0870-3403645

    Pasea Estate
    P.O. Box 958
    Road Town, Tortola

    T +284 494-2011
    F +284 494-2015

    Bolsa de Valores Bld.
    Federico Boyd Ave.&49st.

    T +507 300-2858
    F +507 300-2859


Standard Capital is a leading financial intermediary with deep client relationships and product capabilities, serving investor clients in Latin America. Our clients are corporations, financial institutions and institutional investors. Our broad client franchise is one of many features that differentiates us from our corporate finance peers. We provide a complete platform to our clients, including advising on corporate strategy and structure, equity and debt capital raising, sophisticated risk management, research. We also participate in proprietary investing and trading.


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